Universal Studios Texas is an amusement park located in Dallas Texas It is owned and operated by Universal Parks & Resorts.

History Edit

The park opened in 1985 as the only park ever opened by Kings Entertainment Company and was named Texas Lake In 1989, after a deal with KECO and another company didn't include the park in the sale, the park was sold to Funtime Parks Inc. In 1991, the park was sold to Cedar Fair and renamed Ceder Zone However, like with Geauga Lake the park suffered similar problems and in 2001 it closed, most of the rides being relocated/scrapped/put in storage. For two years, The Ceder Zone sat abandoned and alone. However, in 2003, things changed In Jully 2003 Universal Parks & Resorts purchased the park and made the denfuct "Ceder Zone" theme park into a Universal Studios park. The rides in the park were rethemed to rides based off Universal films and in 2004 it reopened as Universal Studios Texas.   

Rides Edit

Roller coastersEdit

Name Ride Model Manufacturer Opened Originally Opened As Replaced Area
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit A B&M hyper coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 2004 N/A N/A Hollywood
Revenge of the Mummy Launched Coaster Premier Rides 2006 N/A N\A New Yrok
Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster A Roller Skater roller coaster Vekoma 1997 Woodstock Express N/A Universal Kidzone Wonderland
The Purge Launch Coaster MACK Rides 2016 N/A N/A New York
Battlestar Galactica A Launched dulling invered and sitdown coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 2011 N/A N/A Sfi-City
Jurassic Park: The Flying Dinosaur A Flying Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 2015 N/A N/A Jurassic Park
SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge A Wild Mouse Coaster MACK Rides 1994 Ricochet N/A Nickelodeon Central
Dragon's Challenge A Dueling Inverted Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 1998 Fire vs Ice (1998-2001).

Dueling Dragons


The Bat The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Crasy Ride A wooden coaster Philadelphia Toboggan Company 1988 Beastie N/A Seuss Landing

sub-area in Universal Kidzone Wonderland

Bart Simpson's Skateboard Spin ! A Spining Coaster Gerstlauer 2009 N\A N\A Springfeld
The Incredible Hulk Coaster A Launched Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 2004 N/A Banshee Sif-City
The Powerpuff Coaster A Florless coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 1998 Iron Dragon N/A Cartoon Network Central
T -REX RAMPAGE A Wooden Coaster Custom Coasters International 1995 Head Spin N/A Jurassic Park
RAPTOR A Boomerang roller coaster Vekoma 1992 Boomerang N/A Jurassic Park
Super Grover's Vapor Trail A kiddie coaster Arrow Dynamics 1985 Kiddierider N/A 123 Seasme Street sub area in Universal Kid Zone Wonderland
Edd Edd n Eddy Plank Coaster A Stand up coaster Bolliger & Mabillard 1993 Standzone N/A Cartoon Network Central