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Visit Theme Park Review!

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Set to Launch Turbo Track Coaster

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi announced today that its new Turbo Track launched shuttle coaster will open in late March. The coaster’s three-stage backstory features the Ferrari Driver Academy, where drivers receive an “all-around, extensive, technical, athletic and cultural training to make them ready to join the world’s best in class driving talent.” Riders become racing recruits inside a “futuristic testing facility for aspiring test drivers.” Prior to boarding, riders experience “on-screen training and performance analysis” in the ride queue.

Turbo Track’s train launches to a top speed of 63 mph on the layout’s 590 feet of track, exiting the building and into the spike, before completing the course in reverse back to the station. The coaster’s spiraling spike stands 210 feet tall, making it the tallest roller coaster in the Yas Island area.

Turbo Track is a product of Intamin, the same company that constructed the theme park’s Formula Rossa coaster, which is currently the world’s fastest roller coaster at 149 mph.

Turbo Track is no doubt an engineering feat with its 172-square-foot opening in a massive glass funnel which the bright red track emerges from. It’s a beautiful centerpiece for the indoor/outdoor theme park.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi general manager Jesse Vargus said, “Not only does this unique ride offer heart-pounding thrills for all riders, it also gives them the chance to see the world through the eyes of a Ferrari test driver, creating once again a strong connection with the legendary brand.”

Turbo Track will be the third new ride to open at Ferrari World within the past year. The Flying Aces roller coaster and the Benno’s Great Race dark ride both opened in 2016. It will be the park’s fourth roller coaster.

Thanks to Coaster101 for this week's story!



Dominator used to be located at Geagua Lake, but was moved to Kings Dominion after 2007.

The Tiger side of Gwazi closed in 2012, with Lion following suit in 2015.

Bubbleworks was involved in a 2013 fire, destroying part of it.

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