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Six Flags Lake Shernview is a theme park located in St. Augustine, Florida. The park opened in 1975 as "Lake Shernview". The park is owned by Six Flags from 1994 until 2006 under the name of "Six Flags Florida". In 2007 Six Flags renamed the park as "Six Flags Lake Shernview".


Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Batman: The Ride 1994 A B&M inverted coaster.
Florida Thunder 1990 An Arrow Dynamics looping roller coaster.
The Joker 2019 An S&S 4D Free Fly coaster. Relocated from Six Flags Indiana.
Jet Star 1981 A Schwarzkopf Jet Star roller coaster model.
Ladybug 1978 A Schwarzkopf kiddie coaster.
Phoenix 1985 An Arrow Dynamics suspended swing roller coaster.
Pirate Treasure Train 1975 An Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster.
Roadrunner Express 1998 A Zamperla kiddie coaster.
Superman: Ride of Steel 2001 A B&M hyper coaster.
Thrasher 1996 A CCI wooden roller coaster.
Thunderbolt 2014 An RMC wood/steel hybrid roller coaster.
Time Warp 2000 1989 An Intamin sit down roller coaster.
Wild Eagle 1977 A PTC wooden roller coaster.

Flat ridesEdit


Name Year Opened Description
Enterprise 1975 An Enterprise ride.
Hellavator 1998 An Intamin drop tower ride.
Pirate Ride 1980 A Huss Pirate Ship ride.
Ranger 1983 A Huss Ranger ride.
Six Flags 500 1999 An upcharge go-karts ride.
Skyscreamer 2014 A 400-foot tall Funtime Star Flyer ride.
Twister 2001 A Huss Top Spin ride.
UFO 1982 A Huss UFO ride.


Name Year Opened Description
Dodgems 1975 A bumper cars ride.
Lake Shernview Skyway 1975 A Von Roll chairlift ride.
Mega Wheel 1975 A 150 foot tall Ferris wheel ride.
Music Express 1999 A Mack Music Express ride. Formerly known as "The Flash: Speed Force" (1999-2006).
Scrambler 1975 A Scrambler ride.
Wonder Woman Golden Lasso 1978 A Zierer Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Wave Swinger" (1978-1998) and "Gotham City Crime Wave" (1999-2017).


Name Year Opened Description
ACME Rocket Express 1998 A Hampton umbrella ride with rocket vehicles.
Bugs Bunny Carrot Cans 1998 A Zamperla Mini Tea Cups ride.
Daffy's Deep Sea Adventure 1998 A Zamperla Crazy Bus with an underwater theme.
Pepe LePew's Tour de Paris 1998 A Hampton open-air umbrella ride with boats.
Tweety's Treehouse 2001 A Zamperla Jumping Star ride.
Wile E Coyote Desert Speeder 1998 A Mangels kiddie Whip ride with race car vehicles.
Yosemite Sam's Flight School 1998 A Red Baron model kiddie ride.

Defunct Rides Edit

  • Foghorn Leghorn's Silo Screamer - 1998 to 2000 - An Intamin kiddie drop tower. Closed in 1999 due to frequent technical issues and remained SBNO in 2000. Replaced with Tweety's Treehouse.
  • Roaring Thunder - 1983 to 2013 - A William Cobb wooden roller coaster. Remodeled into Thunderbolt.
  • Wildcat - 1975 to 1998 - A Schwarzkopf "Wildcat" roller coaster model. The area it stood on was later reused for the track of Six Flags 500.
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