Six Flags Arkansas is an amusement park located in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is currently owned and operated by Six Flags.

History Edit

The park opened in 1984 as Rockville Amusement Park. Owned by the city, it was a small family oriented park intended to teach people about the history of Arkansas. In 1989, the park was sold to Tierco Group Inc., which became Premier Parks in 1994. In 1999, the park was renamed Six Flags Arkansas.

Areas Edit

  • Main Street
  • Rockville (the first area of the park that opened)
  • Crackaxle Canyon
  • Mardi Gras (opened 2011 as a sub-section of Rockville)
  • DC Comics City
  • Looney Tunes Boomtown
  • Kidzopolis (formerly known as Wiggles World)

Rollercoasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Batman: The Ride 2015 An S&S 4D Free Spin coaster. DC Comics City
Demon 2019 A B&M Floorless Coaster Crackaxle Canyon
Great Chase 1999 A Zamperla family coaster. Looney Tunes Boomtown
Grizzly Run 2004 A GCI wooden coaster. Crackaxle Canyon
Kiddy Koaster 2008 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Formerly known as "Romp A Bomp Stomp" (2008-2010). Kidzopolis
Mind Eraser 1996 A Vekoma SLC 689m roller coaster model. Rockville
The New Arkansas Twister 2013 An RMC wood/steel hybrid coaster. Rockville
Ragin Cajun 2007 A Gerstlauer 420/4 spinning coaster model. Formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Big Spin" (2007-2010). Mardi Gras
Rolling Rocker 1993 An Arrow Dynamics hypercoaster. Rockville
Serial Thriller 1984 A Schwarzkopf flywheel shuttle loop. Formerly known as "Greased Lightning" (1984-1998). Rockville
Superman: Ultimate Flight 2002 A B&M "Superman" flying coaster. DC Comics City

Rides Edit

  • Shipwreck Falls - 2003 - An Intamin shoot-the-chute. Located in Rockville.
  • Coyote Creek Rapids - 1993 - An Intamin river rapids ride. Formerly known as "Whitewater Rapids" (1993-1998). Located in Crackaxle Canyon.
  • Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - 2017 - An interactive 4D dark ride where you shoot supervillains with laser guns. Located in DC Comics City.
  • French Quarter Flyers - 2012 - A Larson Flying Skooters ride. Located in Mardi Gras.
  • Swat - 2004 - An S&S Sky Swat. As of 2018 it's the only one of it's model in existence. Located in Rockville.
  • Harley Quinn Spinsanity - 1984 - A Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl. Formerly known as "Tilt-A-Whirl" (1984-1999). Located in DC Comics City.
  • Hurricane Force - 2010 - A Zamperla Skater. Formerly known as "Tony Hawk's Halfpipe" (2010) and "Big Spin" (2011). Located in Rockville.
  • Bourbon Street Fireball - 2016 - A Larson Super Loop. Located in Mardi Gras.
  • Big Wheel - 1984 - A 150ft tall Ferris wheel. Located in Main Street.
  • Grand Carousel - 1984 - An antique carousel bought and refurbished from a local museum. Located in Main Street.
  • Rodeo - 2001 - A Huss Breakdance. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.
  • Goliath - 2014 - A Zamperla Giant Discovery. Located in Crackaxle Canyon.
  • Crime Wave - 1997 - A Huss Top Spin. Formerly known as "Twister" (1997-2010) and located in the Crackaxle Canyon area, but relocated and rebranded in 2011. Located in DC Comics City.

Defunct Attractions Edit

  • Arkansas Twister - 1984 to 2012 - A William Cobb wooden coaster. Located in Rockville. Replaced with The New Arkansas Twister.
  • Joker's Fear Fall - 1984 to 2016 - An Intamin 1st generation freefall. Located in DC Comics City. Formerly known as "Inferno" (1984-1995) and "Hellevator" (1996-1999). Replaced with Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.
  • Boomerang: Coast to Coaster - 1998 to 2006 - A Vekoma boomerang. Located in Rockville. Closed due to many technical issues and low popularity. Replaced with Ragin Cajun.
  • Chaos - 2000 to 2010 - A Chance Chaos ride. Located in DC Comics City. Replaced with Crime Wave.