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The Pixels n' Polygons Video Game Restaurant, sometimes known as P n' P for short, is themed restaurant centered around video games.

Its slogan, "Where the gamers go to eat", has won over gaming fans of all ages.


P n' P, as one might expect, has decor themed after classic and modern video games, from Pac-Man to Fortnite. But, it has more than just that. It also has gaming themed food items on their menu, along with an area for the kids to playing on home video game consoles, computers, and coin-up video games that are set to free play. Around the restaurant are gaming consoles and other video gaming items set up as public exhibits. It also features a gift shop where exclusive souvenirs are sold. On some occasions, a raffle is held where one lucky winner receives a game console, either one of the new ones or an old-school one that is professionally refurbished.