Nickelodeon Fun Parc is an amusement park that opened in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that opened in 2010. It's owned and operated by Nickelodeon.

History Edit

After purchasing and successfully operating three parks in the US, Nickelodeon decided to build its own amusement park. In 2009 they bought several hundred acres in Toronto and in 2010 the park opened as Nickelodeon Fun Parc.

Roller coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Nickelodeon Action Zone 2018 A Schwarzkopf shuttle loop relocated from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.
Jet Fusion 2010 A Vekoma SLC relocated from South Africa where it was formerly known as Velociraptor. Formerly known as "Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion Coaster" (2010). 
XJ9:Escape from Cluster Prime 2013 A B&M bataman inverted coaster
Fairly Odd Coaster 2010 A Gerstlauer spinning coaster. 
BrainSurge 2012 An Intamin half pipe.
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ride 2010 An enclosed Mack wild mouse with 4D glasses.
PAW Patrol Coaster Rescue 2010 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster relocated from a kiddie park in Michigan where it was formerly known as Roller Coaster. Formerly known as "Little Bill's Giggle Coaster" (2010-2013).
Nickelodeon Screamer 2017 A GCI wooden coaster.
Avatar Airbender 2015 An S&S 4D Free Fly coaster. 
Runaway Reptar 2010 An Arrow Dynamics suspended coaster relocated from Six Flags Astroworld. Formerly known as "Rugrats Runaway Reptar" (2010).
Power Rangers Steel Force 2014 A Chance Hyper GT-X coaster.
Nickelodeon Studios Coaster 2010 An enclosed Schwarzkopf Jet Star roller coaster relocated from Great Escape where it was known as Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon.

Flat rides Edit

Thrill Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Jimmy Neutron Atomic Collider 2010 A Chance Chaos ride relocated from Cedar Point.
Legend of Korra 2015 A Larson Super Loop ride.
ThunderMan: The Ride 2014 A Falcon's Fury style Gyro Drop tower
Rocket Power Ripsaw 2011 A Zamperla Inverting Frisbee ride. Similar to Luna 360 at Coney Island.
SpongeBob Rock Bottom Towers 2010 An S&S Combo Tower.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shock 2013 A Zamperla Disk'O ride.
SS Nickelodeon 2010 A Huss Pirate Ship ride.
Top Thrill Splatster 2015 An upcharge slingshot ride.
Jimmy Neutron: Mission to Mars 2014 An upcharge motion simulator ride.
Invader Zim 2010 A Huss Ranger ride relocated from a park in Norway where it was known as Lumberjack.
The Shredder 2012 A Huss Top Spin ride. Formerly known as "Tak Attack" (2012-2013).
TUFF Puppy Action Twist 2010 A Mondial Top Scan ride.
Nickelodeon Flyer 2014 A 300 ft Star Flyer ride.

Family Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Planet Sheen Intergalactic Smashers 2010 bumper cars. Formerly known as "Nickelodeon Crazy Cars" (2010).
Danny Phantom Ghost Zone 2010 An enclosed Eli Bridge Scrambler.
CatDog Crazy Spin 2010 A Sellner Tilt A Whirl ride.
Carousel 2010 An antique carousel.
Nickelodeon Wheel 2010 A Ferris wheel.
Sanjay and Craig Slither Slide 2014 An upcharge family sack slide.
Wild Thornberry Jungle Climb 2011 An upcharge rock wall. Relocated from Kentucky Kingdom.
NickToons Adventure 2016 A Triotech dark ride with laser guns.
Nickelodeon Studio Tours 2012 An enclosed guided track car ride.
Bikini Bottom Spin Around 2012 A Chance Trabant ride.
Fairly Odd Parents Magic Carpet 2012 A 1001 Nachts relocated from a park in Indiana where it was known as Aviator Junction.
Wild Thornberrys Splashdown 2011 A family log flume ride.
Slime Flinger 2010 A Zierer Wave Swinger.
Jimmy Neutron Atomic Run 2016 A Mack Musik Express ride.

Kiddie Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Nick Jr. Barnstormers 2011 Allan Herschell kiddie biplane ride. Relocated from Kentucky Kingdom.
Harvey Beaks Treetop Twist 2015 A miniature teacups ride.
Nick Jr. Playhouse 2011 A SCS Interactive kids foam ball play area. Relocated from Kentucky Kingdom.
Diego's Zip Through the Jungle 2011 Sartori Rides kiddie swings. Relocated from Kentucky Kingdom.
Wonder Pets FlyBoat 2011 A Zamperla Jump Tower.
Loud House Road Rage 2017 A kiddie whip with car shaped carriages. 
El Circuelo Del Sieolo 2011 A Zamperla kiddie Ferris wheel.
Bubble Guppies Sea Cruisers 2015 An upcharge kiddie bumper boats.
Nick Jr. Express 2015 A Zamperla kiddie train ride.
Nickelodeon Puppies 2014 A spinning kiddie ride with puppy carriages. Relocated from Adventureland, Long Island wher it was known as "Puppy Twist".
Team Umizoomi Zoom Mobiles 2013 A Hampton rides kiddie umbrella ride with sports cars.
Breadwinners Rocket Van 2016 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride.