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NES Land is a theme park that was founded by two brothers who worked for Nintendo in 2010. It was bought out by Premier Parks in 2012. All of the rides are themed around video games, mostly for the NES.


Roller CoastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
TetrisCoaster 2010 A Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster themed around the Tetris video game.
Bubble Bobble 2010 An E&F Miller kiddie coaster themed around the Bubble Bobble video game.
Super Mario Bros. Pipe Slide! 2010 A Vekoma pipeline coaster themed around the Super Mario Bros. video game.
Somari 2015 A Premier rides Sky Rocket II coaster themed around the video game hack Somario.
Kirby Star Ride 2013 An RMC wood/steel hybrid coaster themed around the Kirby video games.

Flat ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Luigi Launch and Mario Plummet 2011 A S&S Power Combo Tower.
Mega Buster 2014 A Mack Twist n' Splash ride themed around the Mega Man video games.
Gumshoe 2010 An interactive dark ride themed around the NES game Gumshoe.
Nintendo-Go-Round 2010 A Nintendo themed carousel.
Super Mario Loop 2015 A Larson Super Loop ride.

Kiddie ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Tiny Toots Train 2016 A small kiddie train ride themed around Tiny Toon Adventures (Konami).
Kirby Whirl 2010 A Zamperla Mini Tea Cups ride themed around Kirby.
Pokemon on Parade 2010 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride themed to Pokemon.
Excitebike Jr. 2010 A kiddie umbrella ride with motorcycles that "jump".
Yoshi's Egg Balloons 2016 A Zamperla Samba Balloon ride.