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Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Adventure Express 1991 An Arrow Dynamics mine train roller coaster.
Banshee 2014 A B&M inverted roller coaster.
The Bat 1993 An Arrow Dynamics swinging suspended roller coaster. Formerly known as "Flight Deck" (2007-2013) and "Top Gun" (1993-2006).
The Beast 1979 A wooden roller coaster. It's currently the world's longest wooden roller coaster.
Beastie 1972 A family wooden roller coaster. Formerly known as "Scooby-Doo" (1972-1979). Known as "Woodstock Express" in real life.
  • Racer (1972)
  • Mystic Timbers (2017)
  • Vortex (1987)
  • Invertigo (2001; formerly known as "Face/Off")
  • Diamondback (2009)

Flat ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description