Harborside is an inclusive water park located at Six Flags Schuyler Lake amusement park.


In 1982, Schuyler Lake opened a four water slide complex called "Finger Lakes Slides" which were originally an extra charge attraction. In 1991, the Finger Lakes Slides were included in an expansion to turn the area into a full blown water park called "Shores of Schuyler Lake". In 1999, the water park was renamed "Sailor Schuyler's Hurricane Harbor". In 2011 the water park was renamed once again to "Harborside".

Current attractions and slidesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Barracuda Bay 1991 A wave pool. It is the largest wave pool in New York state.
Calamity Creek 1991 A lazy river attraction that weaves around the whole park.
Dragon Mountain Falls 2018 A ProSlide custom family four slide complex with a dragon theme.
Hurricane Harbor Jr. 2008 An interactive water playground for children. Formerly known as "Snoopy's Seaport Splash" (2011-2015) and "Wiggles Water World" (2008-2010).
Hydra Falls 1991 A WhiteWater Classic Tube four slide complex.
Mountain Mud Slides 1991 A two slide complex solely for children under 54" tall.
Pipeline Plunge 1991 A ProSlide PipeLine slide.
Tadpole Pool 1991 A kiddie wave pool.
Tornado Slide 2005 A ProSlide Tornado 60 slide.
Rip Ride Rapids Water Coaster 2007 A ProSlide "Rocket" slide. Though it's technically a water slide, it's promoted as a water coaster.
Sailor Schuyler's Happy Harbor 1991 An in-house Water Fort with 3 ProSlide Slides, 2 Twisters and 1 Mini Pro Racer.
Seamore's Revenge 1994 A WhiteWater Classic Tube six slide complex.
Wake Skater 2017 A ProSlide custom halfpipe water slide.

Former attractions and slidesEdit

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Alpine Toboggan Rapids 1991 2004 An in-house family water slide complex. Replaced with Tornado.
Dive Devil 1991 2015 A single lane speed slide with a 90 degree drop. Replaced with Wake Skater.
Little Schuy's Kiddie Slides 1991 2007 A four slide complex solely for children under 54" tall. Was known as "Kiddie Slides" (1991-1992). Replaced with Hurricane Harbor Jr.
Finger Lakes Slides 1982 2017 A four mat slide complex that was built into a man made mountain with two kiddie slides (Canandaigua and Keuka) and two adult slides (Seneca and Cayuga). Replaced with Dragon Mountain Falls.
Mt. Schuyler River Rafting Adventure 1991 2006 A family slide attraction which features a raft of up to 8 people sliding from the top of a 30-foot point to the bottom, weaving around 1,200 feet in the process. Replaced with Rip Ride Rapids Water Coaster.
Stingray's Duel 1991 1992 2 WhiteWater AquaLoop slides. Closed in 1992 due to liability issues. Replaced with Seamore's Revenge in 1994.

Incidents Edit

  • On July 16, 1992, a 5-year-old kid drowned in the Barracuda Bay wave pool.
  • On May 31, 1995, a 13-year-old teenager from Long Island fell 25 feet from the Alpine Toboggan Rapids slide complex. He fractured his skull, but was released from the hospital a month later.