Dempster Gardens Vancouver is a Theme Park, Nature Reserve and Resort in Vancouver, British Columbia.

History Edit

Dempster Gardens was built in 1995 by naturalist Edward Dempster and opened the following year. In 1998, a Totempole\Water Fountain was added to the center of the park and has remained ever since as a trademarked symbol of the park. Dempster Gardens celebrated 20 years in 2016.

Areas Edit

Natureville (Since 1996) Edit

A town plaza with restaurants, a gift shop and entertainers.

Wild Savannah (Since 1996) Edit

A Savannah-themed area. Currently Houses Cheetah, The World’s fastest Launch coaster. It also contains cheetah, lion, rhino, elephant and zebra exhibits.

Atlantis (Since 1996) Edit

An area themed around the lost city of Atlantis. houses an aquarium and touch pool. A major feature is Moray, a Boomerang Coaster.

Jungle Kingdom (Since 1996, formerly known as Kingdom Of Souls from 1996-2007) Edit

A jungle themed area. Holds an exotic temple, Tiger and Tapir exhibits and the Amazon Log Flume.

Arctic Freeze (Since 2009) Edit

An area full of icecaps and shipwrecks. Contains penguin, polar bear, walrus and beluga whale exhibits, as well as the dark ride Nautilus and the spinning coaster Iceberg!

Emerald Forest (Since 2001) Edit

A lush green Pacific Northwest forest, with Grizzly and Bighorn exhibits. Guests can ride the Grizzly Rapids, The Totem drop tower, or the Bighorn Roller Coaster.

Serpent Sahara (Since 2009, formerly known as Sun Desert from 2009-2014) Edit

A desert-themed area with Cobra, Antelope and Camel exhibits. Within a large pyramid is Basilisk, an indoor roller coaster that is truly the first of it’s kind.

Snoopy’s Wilderness Camp (Since 1996, Formerly known as Sesame Plaza from 1996-2000) Edit

a kiddie area themed around a camping lodge.

Dempster Hotel (Since 2012) Edit

An all-suite hotel within the park. Guests can choose between Forest, Savannah, Atlantis, And Arctic themed suites for a surprisingly low price.

Atlantis: Water Castle (Since 2006) Edit

A Waterpark next door themed around Atlantis. notable features include a large castle in the center of the park and a giant tipping water bucket that looks.

Rides Edit

Roller Coasters Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Basilisk 2009 An indoor coaster that switchs from above the rails to below them, the first of it’s kind. Serpent Sahara
Bighorn 2006 A Wooden coaster that loops around several totem poles and trees. Emerald Forest
Cheetah 2016 A hydraulic launch coaster that can reach speeds up to 270 KPH, making it the fastest launch coaster in the world. Wild Savannah
Iceberg! 2009 A Spinning coaster that careens through icecaps and the remains of an oil rig. Arctic Freeze
Moray 1996 An inverted boomerang coaster that rides through an Atlantis palace. Atlantis

Air Show

2001 A Family coaster made to look like an airplane. Woodstock can be seen in a control tower, which actually Holds digital screens. Snoopy’s Wilderness Camp
Wrath of the Tiger 1996 A Hybrid Dive coaster. Jungle Kingdom

Flat Rides Edit

Thrill Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Pyramid Swing 2009 A Frisbee Swing ride. Serpent Sahara
S.S. Antarctica 2011 A Swinging Ship ride. Arctic Freeze
Totem 2001 A drop tower meant to look like a totem pole. Emerald Forest

Family Edit

Name Year opened Description Section
Condor 2009 A flying scooters ride. Emerald Forest
Nature Carousel 1996 An antique carousel with all sorts of creatures from the animal kingdom instead of horses. Natureville
Nautilus 2013 A Robotic Arm dark ride. Arctic Freeze
Rhino Wheel 1996 A giant Ferris wheel. Wild Savannah
Steam Train through the Animal Kingdom 1999 A sightseeing train that takes visitors to see the animals all across the park. Natureville

Kiddie Edit

Name Year opened Description Section
Charlie Brown’s Bumper Bashers 1996 Bumper Cars. Formerly known as Sesame Bumper Cars from 1996-2000. Snoopy’s



Linus’ Laundry Basket Spin 1999 A Mini Teacups ride. Formerly known as Spinning Cookie Jars from 1999-2000. Snoopy’s Wilderness


Schroeder’s Piano Delivery Service 1996 A dark ride where you ride in a van and deliver pianos to people. Formerly Known as Sesame Postal Service from 1996-2000. Snoopy’s Wilderness


The Red Baron 2012 An aerial carousel. Snoopy’s Wilderness


Snoopy’s Camp Bus 1999 A Crazy Bus ride. Formerly known as Oscar’s Grumpy Bus from 1999-2000. Snoopy’s Wilderness


Water Rides Edit

Name Year Opened Description Section
Amazon Log Flume 2001 A Log flume\dark ride. Jungle Kingdom
Grizzly Rapids 2001 A River Rapids ride. Emerald Forest

Former Rides Edit

Name Year Opened Year Closed Description
Sesame Street Racetrack 1996 2000 A Kiddie Coaster with a racetrack theme. Replaced with Woodstock’s Air Show.
The Count’s Batty-Go-Round 1996 2000 An Umbrella Ride with Bats. Demolished to make way for Woodstock’s Air Show.
Ernie’s Bathtime Fun 1997 1999 An aerial carousel with rubber ducks and soap bars. Replaced with Snoopy’s Camp Bus.

Incidents Edit

Cheetah Edit

  • During a daily test run in January 2017, the restraints popped up mid-ride. Luckily, no one was on the ride when the incident occurred, and the issue was quickly resolved.

Bighorn Edit

  • on October 4, 2008, A 49 year-old woman collapsed after riding and was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Security footage revealed that the woman ignored several health warnings and suffered a heart attack on the ride.
  • On April 3, 2016, Two Teenagers were injured when thier train collided with one waiting in the station. They both survived.

Moray Edit

  • A well-publicized incident occured on February 5, 2000. Due to a miscommunication, the ride was started before everyone had their Restraints on. By the time the ride was stopped, it had already reached the second lift hill and six people had fallen out of the train and died. A seventh victim was claimed a year later when her family could not afford her life support. The employee who was responsible quit her job and died of alcohol poisoning he following week.

Totem Edit

  • On December 28, 2013, a 14 year-old boy took a dare to jump from the ride during operation. He miscalculated the height and fell to his death.